It’s a shadowy game Missourians know too well.


A millionaire donates to a shady dark money group that supports a politician. The politician wins, and that millionaire reaps the rewards through government contracts and special treatment. 


It’s a game Missourians are sick and tired of.

And what’s a 20-year career politician Mike Parson doing about it?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif

Only making it worse.


Mike Parson took an oath to serve the people of Missouri, and yet he only seems to be willing to serve the special interests. 


His friends, campaign donors, and insider allies are all doing just fine as their businesses get government contracts to fatten their profits.


But Missouri’s families are the ones getting hurt.

Under Mike Parson,

Instead of money going to reduce health care costs and increase coverage, it is going to a slush fund to hand out favors.


While insiders get special deals, the rest of Missouri gets left behind.


As governor, Mike Parson’s biggest accomplishment is simply that he is not Eric Greitens.

Missourians deserve better than a governor not forced to resign in scandal and shame.


But they also deserve better than what they’re getting.


And now he’s trying to hide behind phony interpretations of the First Amendment to keep it all secret.


Only one question matters: what has Mike Parson done to deserve re-election?


If you’re a connected insider, probably a lot.

Everyone else? Not much at all.

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